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Long time experts of the area, the ""brokerage knows what it takes to help you with your real estate needs. More importantly, they know what it takes to locate, buy and sell property and real estate investments in the Sacramento and surrounding areas. As a group of leading Realtors in the area, CTR-Home has a track record of business successes and a long list of satisfied clients demonstrating their ability to get the job done right. 


Since the "" brokerage began businesses in 1978, they have handled sales transactions, contracts, and negotiations of all kinds equating to 1.9 billion dollars. Our Group of Realtors are firm believers in continuing education to keep their skills on the cutting edge and are prepared to manage all your real estate needs."" has been an industry leader using the latest technology and the most useful tools to assist in your real estate needs. This all adds up... experience, education and technological specialized tools to be qualified in handeling all types of real estate transactions for the best results.

COMMITMENT. The "" brokerage knows that real estate involves more than just a one-time transaction; it means helping people with one of the most important steps in their lives. It also means flawless performance for the buyer and seller. That's why the is dedicated to being there for you over the long term making sure they are there when you need them.
That's why you win with  "".

4472 Pittsfield Way, Mather, CA 95655

DRE#: 02014168